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Tips On Talking to Your Doctor

Blog Contribution by Aetna

Ever walk into an appointment with your doctor and feel nervous or anxious? You may not have told the doctor as much as you had planned to or you may even forget to ask the doctor question. Better communication and interaction between doctors and patients not only leads to better treatment, it’s proven to create more positive health outcomes over the lifetime of the patient.

“Good communication is very important,” said John Moore, D.O., FAAFP, Aetna’s medical director for the U.S. Northeast Region. “When there’s good dialogue, it puts the patient at ease and builds trust between the patient and his or her doctor. This also helps the patient communicate his or her...

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Medicare Advantage Plans: Part C

Medicare Advantage plans combine health insurance and prescription drug coverage in one convenient and low-cost plan. We here at R. Kashmiry and Associates offers plans with premiums as low as $0 and coverage for things original Medicare does not have like vision, dental, and hearing. Medicare Advantage Plans are great for your wallet and peace of mind.

How It Works

Medicare Advantage Plans, sometimes called "Part C" or "MA Plans," are offered by private companies approved by Medicare. If you join a Medicare Advantage Plan, you still have Read more

Starting a New Business, Let’s Discuss Your Healthcare Insurance

The drive of remarkable people, starting a new business. That's not easy. We know, we've been around for over 20 years, helping business owners pick the right healthcare insurance plans. While the open enrollment period has closed.

Life changing events will qualify you for a change in healthcare insurance plans. R. Kashmiry & Associates has been helping small business owners for over 20+ years on getting the right coverage for you and your family. Starting a business is one of these events that will make you eligible for choosing a healthcare insurance provider.

It can be difficult. However, we make it easy. Providing you with the necessary guidance. Anthem is just one...

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The Life of Your Digital Assets

Blog Contribution by AARP

Close to 90 percent of American adults are connecting to the internet, and in the process they are accruing a vast number of digital assets.

This can include files (e.g., emails, photos, videos and documents) as well as accounts (e.g., financial, business, social media, email, retail shopping and cloud storage).

Yet many Internet users have not thought about what will happen to their digital estates when they die or are no longer capable of managing them.

Why internet users should plan

Failing to have a plan of action can result in heirs losing access to important property that can have monetary or sentimental value. There are a number of potential barriers that can get in...

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