Benefit Plans & Management

R. Kashmiry and Associates, Inc. Has Got You Covered!

We specialize in employer/employee benefit programs. Life changes – and so can your bottom line. R. Kashmiry and Associates, Inc. will work with you every step of the way.

Short Term/Long Term Disability

Short-term disability insurance (STD) covers a percentage of your lost salary should injury or illness knock you out of work for more than a few days. Payments generally kick in when you have exhausted any available sick leave. You might see a large chunk of your salary early on, but payments are often reduced to 60% of your salary, or less, after a few weeks. Duration of benefits varies by policy, but six months is typical. R. Kashmiry and Associates, Inc. can go over all the facts and figures with you.

Long-term disability insurance picks up where STD policies leave off. The combination of your living expenses and your lack of income could spell financial disaster for your family without it. R. Kashmiry and Associates, Inc. wants to help you protect your family if you are unable to work because of catastrophic injury or illness.

Group/Individual Dental & Vision

R. Kashmiry and Associates, Inc. offers comprehensive Dental/ Vision insurance plans that are designed to meet both your employees' oral and vision health needs and the demands of your budget. We will help you choose the best coverage option.

Health Savings Accounts (HSA's)

An HSA is a tax-advantaged savings account you OWN to pay high or unexpected medical bills. The money you put into your HSA will reduce your income taxes similar to the money you save in a 401(k) plan. Whatever you do not spend from your HSA rolls over year-to-year for future healthcare needs. And if you retire or leave the company for any reason, you can take the balance in your HSA with you. R. Kashmiry and Associates, Inc. will assist you in taking advantage of the HSA opportunities available to you.