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Individual Health Insurance 

This is an important choice for the self-employed, early retirees, and students, as well as people whose employers do not offer health benefits. State laws covering individual health insurance are different from group health insurance and the laws that govern them. R. Kashmiry and Associates, Inc. can walk you through what can seem like a maze.

Short-Term Health Insurance

These plans provide you with temporary health insurance coverage. R. Kashmiry and Associates, Inc. offers ideal solutions:

  • if you are between jobs;
  • in the midst of the waiting period for other health insurance to start;
  • your COBRA coverage has ended;
  • or you are a new college graduate.

Short-term plans provide coverage from 30 days up 364-Days. If you think you will need coverage for a longer period, R. Kashmiry and Associates, Inc. suggests you look at a standard, longer-term health insurance option, like our individual and family health insurance plans.